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With over a hundred years of fly fishing experience between us we are always delighted to help you with any of your tackle needs. Our standards are simple - if we wouldn't fish with the tackle ourselves, we will not stock it. Come visit us in the Cockpit where one of our guides will help and advise you on the perfect tackle for your fly fishing needs.

The UK's oldest fly fishing school

We have a history of teaching flyfishing dating back to 1932 and are consistently voted the UK's most beloved fishing hotel. For some families we have introduced four generations to the joys of our sport.

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A story of the Sea Trout on Beat 3 by Alex Jones

A story of the Sea Trout on Beat 3 by Alex Jones

Fishing for sea trout (Peal to those of us in the 'West Country') remains something of a deliciously deviant activity. In a world that is depressingly sanitised, electrified and for far too many now experienced through a screen, fishing is a good tonic. Venturing into the dark to 'hunt' with...

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Pre-season Kit Check

Pre-season Kit Check

  Time on the river is precious. It is always a shame to have one’s short fishing day made even briefer by poorly maintained tackle. Over the years we have had many guests who having previously sworn to us that all was well with their inherited fishing setup, return at...

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Tying the Grannom Emerger with David Pilkington

Tying the Grannom Emerger with David Pilkington
Tying the Granom emerger with David Pilkington

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