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Scandi Short VersiTip.
A COMPLETE, READY-TO-GO package for the Switch/Short Spey angler.

Easy loading design helps anglers make long, effortless casts.
Perfect length for rods 13’ and less.
Includes a balanced set of four tips.
Matching Running Line required.

The Scandi Short VersiTip combines the grace of a Scandinavian Head with the power of a Skagit. Excelling with Switch rods and short double-handed rods (up to around 13’ maximum) Skandi Short VersiTip delivers easy casting, even when space is very tight. Supremely versatile thanks to the four interchangeable 10’ tips, supplied in a mesh wallet. (Floating, Clear Intermediate, Type 3 Sink, Type 6 Sink) In order to match for use with a single handed rod, simply choose 3 sizes smaller than your rod’s AFTM rating. i.e. For a 10’ 8 weight single handed rod, choose SSV5.