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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit, Brand New, many have asked for these New Zealand Strike Indicators. Be one of the first in the UK to use this incredibly simple tool, simply attach a small piece of wool to your line and easily position it wherever you want. Easy & quick to move the New Zealand Strike Indicator up or down your leader to find the fish.

Whats in the New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit pack? The tool threader, tubing (Regular) and wool (White & Fl Green).

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit Features:

- Innovative Tool & Design - Brilliant solution
- Easy to Adjust Indicator
- Nymph is Suspended at Optimal Level
- Easy to Remove 
- Knotless - Don't snap off because of a bad knot 
- No Damage to Leader
- Indicator Yarn Can Be Trimmed To Exact Size
- Simple but Functional Tool to create your indicator EASY
- Quality Materials utilising the highest quality materials
- Convenient, holds extra tubing sleeves for several full days of fishing
- Attach to a zinger on your vest for most convenient use
- Slot near Tip, designed to reduce surface tension allowing tubing sleeve to slide easily onto leader
- Built in Ruler, we recommend 4mm tubing sleeves , slot near tip is 8mm in length so two sleeves should fill slot
- Packs comes with full, easy instructions
- Hook at End - Even "old guys" can create an indicator without reading glasses, snares leader easily to create indicator.