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Copied at least a thousand times, but the quality has never been reached – when it comes to fly boxes, C&F Design is the measure of all things. Innovative, perfectly processed and proven in practice: the fly boxes of the Japanese premium manufacturer.

The CF-1306 is a small-sized fly box with a handy combination of micro slit foam rows and small compartments. This box has five micro slit foam rows on the right side, which hold your flies on the spot and notches help to locate the micro slits. Additionally, eight small compartments with one big, clear lid on the left side of the box offer versatile storage space. Thanks to outstanding C&F Design quality the CF-1306 will accompany you for years. Hence, your favourite flies and secret weapons have a new, compact home.


  • Small-sized fly box
  • Five Micro Slit Foam rows
  • Notches help locate Micro Slits
  • Eight shallow compartments
  • Slots for 120 flies
  • Hinge section holds CFA-11 (sold separately)
  • Size: 124 x 94 x 32 mm
  • Colour: off white