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A Westcounty angler once wrote of sea trout fishing “to catch salmon you need money, to catch trout skill, and sea trout soul”.

Fished for primarily at night as they migrate the river in the low summer flows, the sea trout is the most wild, enigmatic, and magical fish to swim in our waters. Come and discover these mysterious and shy fish by moonlight.

If you are an experienced angler looking for the very pinnacle of wild fishing that England has to offer, then sea trout fishing is an experience not to be missed. 

This is an opportunity for anglers who are already proficient in casting and have a grounding river fishing technique and are looking to explore a different and utterly unique fishing experience. 

The Sea Trout Fishing Package includes;
Experienced guide
Tackle & Equipment
Early Evening Bar Meal (drinks not included)
Bed & Gourmet Breakfast (1 night stay)

This voucher is valid between July-September 2021, in line with the Sea Trout fishing season